Hall of Fame

1. The birth of the glow on the night of 11/12 October 2004 and the story behind it.

2. Some nights when the moon illuminated the mountain: 24/25 May, 26/27 Apr

3. A large section of the lavadome collapses on the night of 13/14 May 2006, with spectacular results - slow animation of the event (1fps); extended version (6fps), and superimposed against an image of the mountain. Note: The bright light in the sky is the moon!

4. From sunset to sunrise, on the evening of 27 October 2004 there was a full lunar eclipse and the mountain emerges from the darkness as the eclipse ends.

5. The night of 18/19 August 2005. Numerous bright outbursts illuminated the crater and several plumes of dust/steam were visible as well.

6. One of the biggest bangs so far occurred on the morning of 22 February 2005

7. Multiple glows in this sequence from Halloween 2004

8. The story of mystery glow on the western flank of Mount St Helens

9. Strange goings on above the mountain on April Fools Dayl 2005