Archives May-June 2007

Night of 01/02 June - It was another clear night and no glow was seen emanating from the lavadome was seen on the processed images and animations. Combining all of the images from sunset to sunrise and stacking the brightest pixels from each image also doesn't show any activity either - see image. Mount St Helens is clearly shown in this image due to the almost full moon illuminating the mountain last night.

Night of 28/29 May - The view of the crater was clear last night and there was a very faint glow from the lavadome. However, it was too faint to be visible in the processed animations, so I have combined all the images into one to show where the current activity is occurring. The image also demonstrates the number of bad, or "hot" pixels that are present on the Volcanocam CCD.

Night of 25/26 May - The glow is back! For the first time since 11 April there was activity in the crater of Mount St Helens last night. The activity occurred to the right of the growing lavadome and there was a quite bright outburst around 02:00.
The animation below shows the processed images of the mountain which have been enhanced to maximise the brightness of the glow and  superimposed over a daytime image of the crater for reference. The animation speed is set at 6 fps (equivalent of half an hour in real time per second).
Flash movie - enhanced images of the glow, superimposed on a background image of the mountain - only the area around the crater is animated (size 170kB)