October 2004

On Halloween (31 October) the glow returned, but instead of a single glow there were three separate glows clearly visible. This may be due to the light reflecting from the hot lava onto separate steam plumes. Note: Only the area of the glow near the vents is animated in these movies.
Flash movie - showing only the glow (size 172 kB)
Flash movie - showing the glow superimposed on a background image (taken 31 October 14:36) for reference (size 276 kB)

Mount St Helens on the evening of 27 October 2004 - the night of the full lunar eclipse. The mountain emerges from the darkness as the eclipse ends.
Flash movie - large (size 974 kB)
Windows AVI file - very large!! (size 2.1 MB)

See the glow up close and personal! The images of the glow from the nights of 24, 26 & 27th October aligned and superimposed on a daytime photo of the mountain. Note: Only the area of the glow near the vents is animated in this movie.
Flash movie (size 291 kB)

The moon illuminates the mountain and glow puts on a spectacular display on the night of 24/25 October 2004.
Flash movie - small (small file, with less detail - size188 kB)
Flash movie - large (large file, but much better quality - WARNING size 1.1 MB)
Windows AVI (large file, best quality - size 943 kB, also requires the free DivX codec)